Xiaomi Mijia Sensor Humano Infrarrojo Inteligente Equipo de Seguridad Doméstica Inteligente Multiusosa

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Original xiaomi sensor de cuerpo humano inteligente para uso diario

Principales Características:
● Función de retardo de tiempo: Si hay cuerpo en el tiempo de configuración, se apagará automáticamente el aire acondicionado y TV
● Inducción inteligente: Cuando te despierta en la luz, se encenderá la luz para ti
● Función de luz nocturna: Abrirá automáticamente cuando alguien pasa por
● Función darse cuenta: Usted podría ser informe, cuando su mascota antideslizante
● Control de aplicación: Más conveniente de usar
● Variedad de difícil de poner y instalar
● Adecuado para todo tipo de ambiente doméstico

Tenga en cuenta:
Este artículo debe combinar la puerta multifuncional o puerta de entrada de aire qara de 3 ( necesita ser comprado por separado ) de usar.




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  1. Rosario

    Беспроводная кнопка Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wireless Switch для “умного дома” от Xiaomi.

    • Работает в сочетании с многофункциональным шлюзом из комплекта Xiaomi • Smart Home Suite

    • Дистанционное включение, отключение бытовых приборов умного дома

    • Одиночное и двойной нажатие для выполнения разных действий

    • Удобное крепление без инструментов

    • Не требует подключения к розетке

    Готовите завтрак на кухне? Одно нажатие на беспроводной выключатель поможет разбудить ребенка. Выходите из дома на работу? Нажмите на беспроводной выключатель, и отключите питание домашней техники.

    Программируемая кнопка, входящая в состав Xiaomi Smart Home Suite. По нажатию на кнопку можно запрограммировать какое-либо действие, например, включение очистителя воздуха Mi Air Purifier или выключение света. Все зависит от индивидуальных настроек и устройств, входящих в состав умного дома.

    ◦ Диаметр датчика составляет 50 мм, его высота – 14 мм. Как и все остальные устройства Xiaomi, кнопка получила минималистичный стильный дизайн.

    ◦ Легкая установка – удалите защитную пленку и приклейте Smart Button к любой ровной поверхности.


  2. profy063



  3. Max

    if the button you have in a convenient, but inconspicuous place – turn on and off the alarm mode on the gateway. Now any member of the family, leaving or coming home, will be able to set and remove the alarm system without having to have a smartphone with an account that has the right to operate the system.

    Personally, I now have a button that temporarily executes the script “airing” – before opening the window – when pressed, the socket with humidifier is disconnected and scenarios that turn it on and off, depending on the humidity sensor readings. After closing the window – everything turns back on.

    Let’s continue the simplest examples – lighting control. Single pressing – turn on / off the light bulb. Simple, convenient and applicable in everyday life – the bulb can be located for example under the ceiling, and the button – wherever convenient for you – from the wires you absolutely do not depend on. Long click – turn on the bulb with the specified brightness for a specified period of time. We went into the pantry for example – the light was turned on, and it’s no longer possible to turn off – hands are busy. Now you do not need to worry about this, after a specified time the lamp will turn itself off.


  4. Francesco



  5. IGOR

    If you decide to implement the Xiaomi automation system at home, then without a wireless button you just can not do. The functionality is very modest: the button supports only 3 actions:- One click;- Double tap;- Long press.But it’s just a button, clicked – and got action, and in this case you can control 3 independent devices with one button.The button works on ZigBee protocol, the energy efficiency of which allows working for several years on one battery. But here we see an obvious disadvantage, you need one of the gateways of control, for example Xiaomi Gateway 2.On the front side of the button can be depicted as the MI logo, and the shield icon Mijia. These are two identical buttons, just the first one was released earlier (before the transition of most smart home devices to the sub-brand Mijia)On the back of the button there is a double-sided adhesive tape, for attaching to the wall. The quality of the scotch is quite high, you need to make efforts to tear off the button from the wall. In case the button needs to be weighed, a spare sticker comes in the kit.In size, the button is not so small as to lose it and not so big that it was difficult to fit it into the interior of the house.If you plan to use the button as a doorbell, it looks stylish and modern. Of course, there is a danger of leaving the button outside the house, because it can be trivial to steal. If you do not have confidence in your neighbors, then you can drop a superglue on the back cover, then it will be much more difficult to dismantle the button, but this will not prevent the scheduled replacement of the battery.


  6. Anónimo



  7. Anónimo

    Da utilizzare nella suite di accessori nella linea smart home di xiaomi. Consente di associare azioni specifiche a seconda del click impostato.

    Per l’utilizzo è necessario possedere il gateway al quale l’accessorio viene associato mediante l’applicazione Mi Home.

    Qui trovate la recensione in italiano dello smart home kit:


    Su Gearbest lo trovate ad un prezzo molto conveniente, compratelo da questo link:


    For use in the suite of accessories in line smart home xiaomi . It allows you to associate specific actions depending on the click set .

    To use , you must have the gateway to which the accessory is attached through the application I Home .

    Here is the review of the Italian smart home kit :


    On Gearbest you find it at a very affordable price , buy it from this link :



  8. Anónimo

    Inizialmente ero un po scettico sull’acquisto dei prodotti Xiaomi ma dopo essermi fatto convincere da un mio amico ho deciso di procedere all’acquisto. I prodotti rispecchiano esattamente come riportato nella descrizione e quindi reputo una valutazione di 5 stelle congrua al prodotto.Il prodotto e’ molto semplice da utilizzare ed installare. La versatilità del prodotto e’ eccezionale ed ha la possibilità di acquistare innumerevoli accessori. Forse l’unico neo sta nel fatto che si deve ancora appoggiare al server cinese con i problemi del caso e che alcune funzioni siano solo in cinese senza supporto in lingua italiana.A confronto con altri prodotti sul mercato questa può essere considerata un economica soluzione per un sistema di allarme/domotica senza dover incorrere in eccessivi prezzi per prodotti concorrenziali. In assoluto mi sento di consigliare questo prodotto e di non farsi ingannare dai prezzi relativamente bassi per sistemi di allarme/domotica che non hanno nulla da invidiare alla concorrenza ed infatti in alcuni aspetti dimostrano una maggiore versatilità che altri prodotti concorrenziali non hanno anche pur pagandoli prezzi più elevati.