X9 Mini Auriculares Deportivo Gaming Bluetooth 5.0 Inalámbrico con Micrófono Estéreo de Manos Libres

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Principales Características:
● El chip de control principal Bluetooth 5.0 admite conexión de datos manos libres de 10 m. puede chatear y escuchar música.
● Sistema de procesamiento DSP de audio incorporada, puede eliminar el ruido y eco para garantizar la comunicación clara y la música.
● Los auriculares ultra pequeños están ocultas en las orejas, pequeños y ligeros, y cuidadosamente diseñados.

Tiempo en espera: Alrededor de 100-150 horas
Tipo de auriculares: Oídos a la izquierda y la derecha se puede usar
Versión de Bluetooth: V5.0 + EDR
Perfil Bluetooth: Manos libres / auricular
Soporte de carga: HEP / HSP / A2D / AVRCP
Rango de transmisión: Más de 10 metros
Tipo de batería: 55 mAh recargable de batería de litio
Tiempo de carga: Alrededor 1h-2h
Tiempo de reproducción: 4-6 horas de música ( volumen afectará el tiempo de juego )
Tiempo en espera: Alrededor de 100-150 horas
Rango de frecuencia: 2,40-2,48 GHz
Coeficiente de distorsión: ≤1%
Respuesta de frecuencia: 20hz-20 KHz
Método de uso: En-oreja / auriculares invisible




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  1. Kair

    The Bluetooth connection has been working well, and all my devices can easily connect with these Bluetooth.

    These buds are equipped with a beautiful charging box that can display the charging status. Finally, headphones at this price sound really good. I mainly use it for podcasting, but the music also sounds great.


  2. Picky

    Place it comfortably in the ear, and perfectly fix the ear in the right position. In general, they are really good and the acoustics are great. I really like that it comes with these clear fragments so that they fit your ears comfortably. I will buy it again


  3. Yuki

    In terms of price, this is a good choice. Great product, come quickly, and the sound is definitely loud enough for me! This is the price of a great wireless headset! I have needed a new pair of Bluetooth headsets for a while. I am really impressed by its quality.


  4. Wendy

    The sound of these new speakers is as crisp and clear as the old ones. I can hear the entire soundtrack very well. The words spoken are pure and full of vitality. These earplugs fit the ears and are comfortable. In fact, they are very comfortable. I wear them when I sleep at night. They are very comfortable.


  5. Picker

    To be honest, I am very satisfied with this product, and I am very happy to give it five stars for its overall quality and design.