X6 TWS Auriculares Inalámbricos Bluetooth 5.0 IPX7 Tapones para Oídos Impermeables con Control Táctil y Caja de Carga de 3000mAh

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Principales Características:
1. IPX7 impermeable
2. La gran capacidad de 3000 mAh puede cargar completamente el teléfono móvil
3. Sum restante cantidad
4. La transmisión Bluetooth 5.0 es más estable, más rápida y menor consumo de energía
5. Operación simple y potente función: Una tecla para pausar / reproducir / responder / colgar, doble clic para comenzar / sirena, presione y presiona durante 2 segundos
6. Luz de respiración inteligente ( interruptor controlable )
7. Abra la tapa y deshacerse del manual, comenzando automáticamente el arranque
8. Espacio de sonido independiente, cuerno de titanio 6MM, mayor altura de sonido, baja frecuencia, media y alta frecuencia transparente
9. Dos dispositivos se pueden conectar, y un auriculares se puede dividir en dos partes
10. pantalla de alimentación Bluetooth ( requiere soporte para teléfono móvil )



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  1. Sofia

    They are in-ear style earbuds with a compact charging case. I purchased these to listen to music or audiobooks on my walking commutes. They sound great to me, but I’m not an audiophile and have some high-frequency hearing, so I’m not a good judge of audio quality. Customer service is awesome, too.


  2. Minyu

    They stay in place while running and doing cardio. The pairing is a breeze and reliable, and the battery time is excellent. I’m also surprised about their sound. The bass is solid and the highs are clear. The charging is fast, so you don’t have to wait hours and hours for them to be ready to go again. They worked perfectly as described.


  3. Celine

    Not only do these earbuds fit my ears comfortably, but the sound quality is very good. There’s a tiny amount of background hiss sometimes but it’s low enough that it doesn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the music. But the control on the earbuds themselves could be a little better. All in all, these are great little earbuds and are well worth the money.


  4. Johnson

    Right out of the box, these earbuds looked impressive. Each earbud feels lightweight yet sturdy. The earbuds pair automatically when taken out of the case. The sound on these is incredible! Because they are IPX7 waterproof, you can even keep them on while you take a shower/bath! I would recommend these earbuds to my friends.


  5. Susan

    The battery life is amazing! I’ve used these for hours and they only got down to 80%.