QCY T2C / T1S TWS Auriculares Bluetooth Inalámbricos Biauriculares

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Principales Características
● Tecnología V5.0, la velocidad de transmisión es dos veces más alta. el rendimiento antiinterferente es mejorada y la conexión es más estable, evita la retrasos del sonido
● La tecnología CVC 6.0 de reducción de ruido de silicona de alta sensibilidad, mejora el reconocimiento del lanza, asegúrese de hablar sin ningún esfuerzo incluso en ambientes ruidosos
● Diseñado ergonómico, los auriculares exactamente y los contornos de las orejas
● Exclusiva diseño de uso, siempre hay un paso, tiempo seguro y manos libres
● Estuche de carga pequeña incorporada 800 mAh para la alimentación de respaldo
Nota: T2C y T1S son el mismo tipo, y el embalaje se envía con precisión.




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  1. Uilque Messias

    I underestimated the product quality and it exceeded my expectations.

    It’s really lightweight, doesn’t fall from my ear easily (even if I shake my head or during a running).

    The Bluetooth connection is impressive, it keeps connected almost always and when it disconnects, it reconnects automatically.

    It has a hight cost-benefit ratio.

    The only thing I didn’t like is the fact its microfone ia really bad and it doesn’t have any noise isolation/cancelation (but this was expected from a product in this price tag)

    Uilque Messias

  2. Tryk

    I just received a packet of long-awaited earphones. At the beginning of the surprise, because I probably ordered a different model than the description on the box. Only when I read the product description on the store’s website it turned out that it was the right model.

    I received the package undamaged. The headphones were already almost full, so I could check if and how they worked immediately after opening the box. The headphones are quickly paring with a phone or a laptop. The sound is clean and with a lot of bass. For this price is a very good purchase. We’ll see how they will work after a few weeks of use.


  3. Esther

    I was pleased to receive my earbuds about two months after i ordered them. This was because i chose the unregistered air mail delivery option. So if you want your product in your hands quicker than two months do choose another delivery options. The product was packaged well. The earbuds were in excellent condition. All the accompanying parts were there. I have been using them for a week now and they work really well. No connectivity issues. It connects quick and instantly. I have had pleasant phone calls with the device. It was definitely worth the wait and money.


  4. Rodrigo Massa

    I bought these to gift someone else because I already had a great experience with the inferior model of these earbuds.

    The sound quality is great and the earbuds isolate the outside noise really well for its price range. I usually used them to go to the gym or for a run and they would grip really well to the ear and never fell. The case is also very portable and the battery life of the earbuds alone is more than enough to withstand a trip to the gym or two.

    For someone that previously thought that wireless earbuds were a gimmick, I thoroughly recommend these QCY earbuds for its very low price point of €20.

    Rodrigo Massa

  5. Diego Zagalia

    PT-BR: Basicamente é um fone TWS barato, com bom acabamento, com a case de cor preto fosco na parte superior que cabe no bolso, com boa qualidade de áudio e uma excelente durabilidade da bateria (4h de uso e + de 20h na case). O fone não sai com facilidade do ouvido , tanto que utilizei numa corrida e foi tudo normal e é resistente à água.

    Prós: valor, qualidade material, grande durabilidade da bateria.

    Contras: qualidade de áudio ok, microfone regular e a falta de redução de ruído (pelo valor pago é difícil ter melhora nesses itens).

    ENGLISH : Basically it is a cheap TWS phone, with a good finish, with a matte black color case on the top that fits in the pocket, with good audio quality and excellent battery durability (4 hours of use and + 20 hours in the case). The phone does not come out easily from the ear, so much so that I used it on a run and everything was normal and is water resistant.

    Pros: value, material quality, long battery life.

    Cons: ok audio quality, regular microphone and the lack of noise reduction (for the amount paid it is difficult to improve these items).

    Diego Zagalia