QCY T11 Auriculares Intrauditivos Bluetooth Inalámbrico con Interruptor Hall Pop-up para Oreja Anillo de Detección de Oreja y Altavoz Hierro…

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Principales Características:
● Versión de hierro de auriculares inalámbricos verdadero, anillo híbrido hierro
● Unidad de altavoz doble, AAC
● Encoding de audio HD, reducción de ruido de 4 marca
● Tecnología negro de llamada, carga rápida
● Tanto oídos son completamente cargados rápidamente, interruptor hall
● La cubierta con tapa abatible, el emparejamiento de la ventana
● Conecte en segundos, aplicación inteligente
● Múltiples configuraciones de función, 17.5H de la vida, puerto de carga conveniente tipo c, 10 minutos de carga, una hora de escuchar



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  1. Victor

    The earbuds fit nice and deep in your ear canal, so they have a very good passive noise seal as well. They feel very comfortable and secure. They are so comfortable to wear that I could easily wear them all day. I don’t feel tired even after listening for a long time. I would recommend these to anyone that likes a deeper fit, earbud-style.


  2. Johnson

    They fit nicely in my ears and come with different size ear tips so I can maximize comfort. At first, I was confused about how to control the music functions but a simple search showed me the different taps to successfully navigate how to control music and incoming calls. They are far less expensive than AirPods but sound just as good to me.


  3. Mario

    These earbuds were way better than I expected. The sound quality is great both listening to music and receiving phone calls. This is a great set of wireless earbuds, especially for the price. They easily paired with my phone the very first time and now they do so automatically when I take them out of the case.


  4. Tim

    The touch control takes some practice. Once you are used to it, it is quite convenient. The 7 mm driver makes a huge difference in overall sound quality. The sound is very clear and subtle. The battery is epic. The perfect gym grab-and-go headphones for the person that usually forgets to charge their headphones.


  5. Max

    As far as the noise-canceling, it works well. I can barely hear anything that is going on around me. The battery life is amazing. I have left them in the case for 4 days and do not have to charge the case up after using them for 2-3 hours. It’s been almost a week since I plugged the case into a charger and I have only lost 25% of the battery.