Q82 Auriculares Intrauditivos Inalámbricos Cierto Control en Color de Gradiente Bluetooth 5.0 con Pantalla de Alimentación

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Principales Características:
● Tecnología V5.0, la velocidad de transmisión es dos veces más alta. el rendimiento antiinterferente es mejorada y la conexión es más estable, evita la retrasos del sonido
● Con una distancia de transmisión real de 10 metros, puede disfrutar de la música y las llamadas en cualquier momento, en cualquier lugar sin enlazar alambre
● DSP tecnología de reducción de ruido de silicona de alta sensibilidad, mejora el reconocimiento de la discurso, asegúrese de que puede hablar sin ningún esfuerzo incluso en ambientes ruidosos
● Diseñado ergonómico, los auriculares exactamente y los contornos de las orejas
● Estuche de carga pequeña 1500 mAh incorporada para la alimentación de respaldo, puede cargar para otros equipos electrónicos
● Pantalla de batería, por lo que puede saber exactamente cuántas batería es izquierda
● Adecuado para su conducción, ciclismo, trabajo




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  1. Walter F.

    These seem to really fit the bill of what I’m looking for, affordable and they look less silly than the Apple ear buds!

    So, I’m not someone who knows how to be overly picky about sound quality, but these sound really good and smooth to me, with a good amount of bass. I love the portable charging case and how they magnetically snap in. They’re comfortable but don’t feel like they’ll fall out on a run (did some test jumping around, lol)

    Walter F.

  2. Philip Wren

    They fit into my ear much easier and feel a lot more comfortable. They are a bit more bassy than the other earbuds, but not overwhelmingly so.

    The battery life is great and they last for my needs (2 mile walks, chores around the house, etc). The case and earbuds are magnetized and I don’t worry about the earbuds falling out despite there not being a lid.

    Philip Wren

  3. claudiairs16

    For me the volume is perfect, the earphones by themselves isolate you a lot, it reduces a lot the backgroud noise, so when you play your music, shows or movies, you can listen perfectly fine with literally no background noise to disturb you


  4. Sarah Frank

    I love these. I had been putting off buying Bluetooth headphones because of the price but came across theseat a very reasonable price. I was skeptical because the price was low but decided to give them a try, i could alwaystry and return them if they sucked.

    Well, they don’t suck. I love that they automatically connect when i take them off the charger to put in my ears

    Sarah Frank

  5. Molly Jane

    They work great, especially for the price. The only thing is I have to turn them both on simultaneously otherwise only one works at a time. Also, only one has to be paired (the right one for me) for them both to work. I’m impressed though. Thumbs up from me!

    Molly Jane