Luz i Creativa para Luz LED de Noche Inteligente

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Luz LED de Noche Inteligente Luz i Multifuncional IR Iluminación Activada por Movimiento / Lámpara de Sueño de Tira de Luz de Dormitorio Control de Luz

Breve introducción:
La luz de la cama es un innovador producto de luz LED diseñado para mejorar su estilo de vida al ofrecer comodidad y seguridad en su hogar

Principales Características:
• Lámpara inteligente de LED para cama individual / cama de bebé / cama doble
i – light LED Iluminación Inteligente Control cuerpo sensores cama sueño lámpara luz nocturna
Iluminación de la cama Iluminación LED ambiental activada por movimiento con apagado automático
Diseño de control deluz, la luz iluminación inteligente cuando salga de la cama por la noche y inteligente apagar cuando vuelva a la cama
Más fácil cuando se levanta por la noche con una luz diseñada para encender y apagar cuando lo necesite
Fácil de instalar y no requiere herramientas
Control de temporizador, sensor de movimiento y luz activada sustituye la necesidad de interruptores
Iluminación LED de bajo consumo de energía que consume un 80% menos de energía que la iluminación tradicional de incandescencia
• Toque el suelo para encender, retrasar automáticamente, ajustar el tiempo de 30 segundos a 10 min
• No es necesario instalar APP, la cama o la cama es fácil de instalar
• Puede ser utilizado en casa para los ancianos, o los niños que se alimentan
• Se puede utilizar para crear una atmósfera de dormitorio matrimonial, crear su propio dormitorio privado
• 3 patrones opcionales
Cama simple Versión: 1 x Sensor, 1 x 1.4 metros Luces LED
Cama de Bebé Versión: 1 x Sensor, 1 x 1 metro Luces LED
Twin-cama Versión: 2 x Sensor, 2 x 1.2 metros Luces LED

Consejos: i – lámpara de luz para doble cara auto-detección, desde el lado de la cama, mientras que el correspondiente se activará automáticamente en el otro lado no es brillante




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  1. john

    Already arriwed and installed on its new place. Wires have good length, so there is no any problem. I hope it will react on movement well. During day it does not react on movement, that is great and I hope during night it will react on movement well. Thank you very much for it.

    There is only one thing, that should be better – movement sensor is triangle shape and should be square, because on some places it is hard to fit this shape.


  2. Alexey

    instructions only in Chinese, wires only just long enough for a double bed.

    needs a plug adapter for the uk (supplied).


  3. Rui Costa

    this is so handy i dont know how i managed without it.

    a light sensor stops it coming on until dusk/night.

    the pir is quite sensitive, 180 degree sensor with at least 8ft range, the timer knocks em off after about 30 secs (adjustable but ignore what the scale on the pir says as it is actually arse about face).

    Rui Costa

  4. Alex

    This is absolutely fantastic, its a great little feature to have in your bedroom. If you buy the double bed version, bear in mind that the 2 sensors are independent from each other which is great because it means that if you get close to either side of the bed, only one side will light up as opposed to both. You can also choose to have just one if you like, you dont have to have both.

    The light has a nice yellowish warmth to it and it glows/fades on and then fades out gradually. You can adjust how long the light remains on, from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. It really is a nice thing to have and you will appreciate it at night when getting up for the bathroom or if you go to bed late and your partner is already asleep so you dont have to put the light on.

    One thing to note, my bed is 2 meters long and the led strips cover it perfectly, you’ll have to cut for a smaller bed.


  5. Miroslav

    There are a couple of VERY minor issues.

    – As others have reported, the ‘glue’ used to stick the led strips on the bed is rubbish, it wont last more than a day until it unsticks. So you’ll need to use another glue.

    – To set the light timer is a bit tricky, there is a dial but it does not tell you what time you are setting, so its trial and error if you want anything between 30 seconds or 10 min.

    – The light can be a little too bright when its fully on, it would be nice to have a remote or ability to adjust the brightness.


  6. Anónimo

    The product comes as advertised.

    Good response time from the sensors, LEDs light up as soon as a I enter the room.

    Intense light, even in pitch black rooms.

    Power plug is US, but they include an adaptor according to the shipping country.

    Overall a good product and recommended.


  7. Anónimo

    Disadvantages are found, are satisfied.


  8. Anónimo

    The glue in the back of the LED strips does not stick to every surface. It keeps falling down below my bed.

    The electrical contacts between some of the provided cords do not work well at times. A bad contact either turns the lights off or turns them on permanently. Be sure to immobilize them well after instalation for better performance.


  9. Anónimo

    Easy to install, motion sensors begin to work after dark, you can adjust the time the lamp 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Light begins gradually, and then, after a certain time and goes smoothly. I recommend to buy.