KM-K100 Auriculares Bluetooth Estéreo de 2 en 1 de 10000mAh Cargador Inalámbrico Bluetooth 3D Estéreo de Doble Micrófono

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Auriculares Bluetooth, doble oreja libre, carga de gran capacidad no solo puede cargar el auricular, sino también darle auriculares continua, diseño de carga magnética, control táctil, nueva actualización, Bluetooth 5.0 , espejo completo, valor de color alto. salida USB doble, con linterna LED, velocidad de carga 80%, control inteligente del módulo de gestión de carga, puede alcanzar 2.1A carga rápida.



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  1. Eric

    First impression, it is larger than I really wanted but I should have expected as much since it’s a power bank as well. The sound quality is amazing! Battery life is good as well. Connects easily to my phone and buds are interchangeable between ears which is good since I usually only use them at work meaning I can only use one at a time.


  2. Cust

    This power bank is a really neat idea, I loved having my power bank and headphones together, I didn’t have to carry two thing around. The headphones I got around 3-5 hours of listening with 75%volume. They charged quite fast. It says you’ll get about charges from a full battery bank, I can see it being close to this number.


  3. Lee S.

    When I pulled these out of the case, I saw a pair a beautifully shaped and colored earbuds. When you pull them out of the case, they are ready to pair. These headphones show up on my phone almost right away and we’re in business. Sound quality, range and battery life are all excellent. The case itself makes a nice power bank for the earbuds and for my phone.

    Lee S.

  4. Juliana

    I’ve been using these everyday for a week now and it has been my must have companion during runs. Sound is decent and clear phone conversations.Used on a track workout and on technical trail and they stayed in position. The power bank functioned also very well. Very convenient to use.


  5. Tina L.

    These are amazing and comfortable I didn’t even know they were at n my ears wish they had more base I tried on my PC the difference with gaming head phones and others is when you use a jun or action it don’t lag had no problem setting it up to my phone. And the power bank is also works very well.

    Tina L.