JS33 TWS Auriculares Intrauditivos Deportivos Bluetooth 5.0 con Pantalla Digital Inteligente Inalámbrico con Caja de Carga

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Principales Características:
● Este par de tapones para los oídos son primarios y se puede conectar al teléfono móvil a su teléfono móvil a voluntad.
● Este auriculares utiliza la tecnología de reducción de ruido CVC8.0 inteligente para filtrar el ruido, como la vista previa.
● Es un chip Bluetooth 5.0, que es estable y no se desconectará.
● Tacto de huellas dactilares, vida de batería súper, sonido de ocho núcleos, pantalla digital inteligente, visibilidad, compatibilidad inteligente, y Bluetooth se puede conectar.




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  1. Susan

    Only down to 85% on the batteries after using them for over 5 hours.


  2. Serina

    Great sound, so comfortable, and in terms of the price, nothing beats these earbuds!


  3. Maria

    These headphones have been great. I use them to work out and to watch videos on my phone and tablet. They are comfortable, stay in while working out and being active, and the sound is great. They make a great difference in me being able to hear clearly enough to understand what is being said. These are very great so far.


  4. Lucia

    They are comfortable and the volume controls work well. The sound quality is amazing. The sound quality is great for my use. The battery life of the case is great and allows me to only need to recharge once a week. I’m happy I bought these, they are performing as I needed and hoped. Highly recommended!


  5. LEE

    I like to lay in bed watching videos and in an effort not to disturb those around me, I wear these in bed. The sound is crystal clear. The bass is punchy and powerful. I haven’t paid attention to its length of time. It lasts for as long as I need it, and the case recharge is great too. All in all, these have been my favorite earbuds.