Gocomma Basic WiFi Interruptor de Control Remoto Inteligente

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Interruptor de control remoto inteligente:
● Puede verificar el estado de su electrodoméstico en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar, y controlarlos encendido / apagado con solo un clic en su teléfono inteligente o tableta a través de la aplicación Smartlife, sin límite de tiempo y distancia
Establecer horarios de control automático:
● Tiene temporizadores únicos, de repetición y de cuenta regresiva que puede usar para controlar el encendido / apagado de los electrodomésticos de forma automática
Compartir el control de los dispositivos a otros:
● Simplemente puede compartir el control de sus electrodomésticos con otros para que también puedan encender / apagar los dispositivos de forma remota
Control de voz avanzado:
● Solo con un simple comando de voz, Alexa o Google Assistant trabajarán para usted, encendiendo / apagando los dispositivos conectados a la vez
Compatible con nido:
● Al vincularse con Google Nest, la APLICACIÓN «Smartlife» (se puede descargar desde Google Play o Apple Store) puede recibir datos del entorno en tiempo real como la temperatura y la humedad de Google Nest, así como verificar si hay alguien en casa o no. todo esto se puede utilizar para crear escenas inteligentes para controlar los dispositivos conectados

● Estándar inalámbrico: 802.11 b / n / g
● Material de la carcasa: ABS ignífugo.
● Seguridad: WPA / WPA2
● Fuente de alimentación: 90 – 250V
● Máx. actual: 10A
● Máx. potencia: 2200W
● Temperatura de operación: 0 – 40 ° C.

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  1. nmorc402

    It still works you can turn on the smart switch or the regular switch on the other side of the room, installation was easy except for the bulkiness of the switch, it didn’t quite fit in the box on the wall … it was a little too tall so we had to modify the box slightly at the top and bottom where the screws go into the wall box


  2. MZull

    I will never use a conventional wall switch again, i’ve wanted a second and third switch for a light in a big living room without the hassle of running additional wires through the walls and ceiling, I removed the single wall switch and put the receiver in the single gang box on the wall and then placed three different wireless and no batteries required switches in the three areas for which I wanted a switch and they work perfectly


  3. Merlin

    A pretty flawless product. Everything works fine, comes in solid condition and seems stable. Easy to install and connect, did not run into any problems. COmes with screws and easy installation guide. My first time using one of these and turned out perfect. I am totally satisfied with the product and theres not much to argue anyway at this low price.


  4. Interruptor WiFi Inteligente Básico Inteligente G

    Interruptor de controle remoto inteligente:

    ● Você pode verificar o status do seu aparelho em casa a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar, e controlá-los on / off com apenas um clique no seu smartphone ou tablet via APP Smartlife, sem limitação de distância e tempo

    Definir horários para controle automático:

    ● Tem temporizadores simples, repetidos e de contagem regressiva que você pode usar para controlar automaticamente / desativar o eletrodoméstico

    Compartilhar o controle de dispositivos para outras pessoas:

    Interruptor WiFi Inteligente Básico Inteligente G

  5. Snehal G

    Easy to install. User friendly pairing app. could be a bit compact in size but good buy at this price. I recommend for friends.

    made some ad-hoc improvisation by making holes at bottom panel for input and output to make it a cleaner installation. applied two way tape to secure on existing board where I had empty space. right now using just for light but will order more for other purposes..

    Snehal G