F07PLUS Pulsera Inteligente con Monitor de Ritmo Cardíaco / Sueño

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Principales Características:
● Monitor de frecuencia cardíaca y medición de la presión arterial
Contacto considerado contacto diseñado en la parte posterior del reloj, cuide su salud en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar
● Monitoreo de sueño
Monitor de cuidadosamente su calidad de sueño
● Pantalla grande
El mejor tamaño de pantalla adecuado con visualización de imágenes de alta definición le brinda una gran experiencia
● Modo Bluetooth 4.0
Conectado con la aplicación del teléfono móvil, estable, rápido y súper bajo consumo
● Carga USB para un uso conveniente
● Descargar iby APP en línea




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  1. New user

    The display is sharp and it’s a good size, she really loves all of the features and the smart app enables her to “ compete” with her friends which is really fun, the heart rate monitor seems to be pretty accurate, this may be common with all fitness trackers

    New user

  2. ukjessi

    I purchased this fitness band as an upgrade to a previous band that had no heart rate monitor capability, this band looks great, it has the perfect screen size and long band for those with large wrist, the heart rate monitor for the past couple of days has been a bit erratic


  3. Hugh Clarke

    I guess it really depends on what you’re looking for in a smart watch, plenty of good watch faces to choose from, the heart rate sensor is reliable and the fitness tracker is mostly accurate, but I’ve found it’s not sensitive enough to register some steps unless your arms are moving in rhythm with your stride

    Hugh Clarke

  4. Joanie

    Heart rate monitor not great, I did swap out the rubberized band for a metal, after-market band, but even when holding securely to my arm it sometimes will not register a realistic heart rate


  5. Fourier Transform

    No longer have to press a button to make watchface light up like non-smart watches do.the health stuff is great feature and joggers get good idea where target heart rate is, the exercise feature is worthless though, it’s pretty inaccurate.most people need bpm and stress level.i find the stress monitor accurate

    Fourier Transform