Bluedio T7 Plus Auriculares Inalámbricos Bluetooth 5.0 Inteligente Cancelación Activa de Ruido Banda de Cabeza AI Reconocimiento Facial

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Viva con deportes, viaje con música
Basado en el camino Bluedio T7 Diseño, la T7 plus levantador inteligente smartwatch agrega la reproducción de tarjeta TF y función de cuenta con un solo paso, que hace que sus auriculares ANC Bluetooth no solo son convenientes para viajar, sino también activar su pasión deportiva. disfruta de tu vida útil.

Principales Características:
● Cancelación de ruido activa de ti
Adopte la tecnología activa de cancelación de ruido, y puede seleccionar una fuerte reducción de ruido ( 4 micrófono, -25 dB ) o reducción de ruido débil ( 2 micrófono, 18 dB ) según sus necesidades.
● Soporte juego de tarjeta TF
Incluso sin teléfono móviles, también puede escuchar música en cualquier momento.
● Función de conteo de pasos, nacido para deportes
Usted puede comprobar la sincronizar los datos de actualización, lo que muestran sus nogal, consumo de calorías y así sucesivamente a través de la aplicación.
● Altavoz grande para sonido claro
Adopte las unidades de la unidad de titanio de 57mm, combina con su propia tecnología de carga de flujo de corredor de desarrollado, que hace que el sonido sea estable y impresionante.
● Tecnología de reconocimiento facial más reciente para pause / play
Cuando le quita el auriculares de la cabeza, la música pausar, cuando lo usa, la música continúe continuar con el juego.
● Aplicación fuerte bluedio
Decreases el consumo de energía Bluetooth y aumenta su resistencia, tres modos comprendan a proteger los usuarios de todas las edades.
● Admite amazon servilleta
Bluedio descargar app y acceso a sus AWS en cuenta con la cantidad tremenda de canciones, climas, noticias y agenda, etc. se convierte en el ayudante para su vida diaria.
● Diseño de almohadilla suave anti-oreja
Un par de copa giratoria es cómodo de llevar con diseño de almohadilla para el oído. es conveniente tomar los auriculares de salida con almohadillas planas en su bolsa, maleta, baúl, etc.
● 30 horas de vida de batería
30 horas de juego por carga en modo Bluetooth y bajo el estado que la función ANC. disfrute de tu viaje mucho y sin preocuparse por el problema de la escasez de energía.




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  1. Steve T

    I spent quite some time researching Bluetooth headphones.

    I purchased a set of Bluetooth headphones (another well known brand) and they were absolutely useless, in fact I gave them away, they were the ones that sit on your ears……NOT OVER YOUR EARS and OMG did they make my ears hot and they were very uncomfortable.

    So after a lot of research and watching reviews I found that you can pay a lot of money for Bluetooth headphones (if you want to) and I wasn’t going to waste anymore money, so I decided on the Bluedio T7 Plus Smart Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone Active Noise Canceling Headband AI Face Recognition Wireless Headset – Black.

    The Bluedio T7 are an excellent choice for me, they are very comfortable when wearing them for long periods of time.

    They come with great accessories, they sound fantastic as far as I am concerned, they have excellent features, the controls are easy to use and they even have a TF memory card slot.

    I believe they are great value for money, without breaking the bank.

    I am very happy wit this choice, I should have done my homework in the first place and not just take it for granted that all Name Brands are always the best.

    Steve T

  2. Rub4o

    Very good Gearbest Service with fast delivery, below 1 month after payment. Acceptable headphones with very good quality of made. Headphones are very comfortable and pass good to almost any head and ears. Sound is not so loud as first Turbine series from Bluedio that I have. Sound is clear and very good if you not use Active Noise cancellation, but must be a little bit more loud. Active Noise Cancellation function deform sound, decrease sound and I don`t like it and turn it off. Headphones have all described functions, but some of them are very hard to be used as changing of equalizers (they are only three, but very hard accept pressing command of +/-) I don`t like and sleep timer of 10 minutes inactivity and deactivate it from android app. Headphones have 4 language modes that can be set by multi-functional button play/pause pressed with – languages are English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Headphones are good for it`s price bud can be better if sound was a little bit louder and have better equalizers and better settings for ANC, because this function is almost unusable without losing of sound quality.


  3. Getx

    First impression is that they are compact sturdy and soft. Connecting to the phone was easy and fast just have to flip the switch on and it turns on the Bluetooth and the headphones ready to pair. After first connecting them there I just had to sit there for like 10 minutes and listen to a variety of music. It sounds really good in these headphones they have good depth of sound. I tested them while riding my long board and I had the same problem I have had with every other Bluetooth headphone or ear bud I have had of it having a spotty connection when the phone is in the back pocket but no problems when the phone is in the front pocket. Distance wise I was able to get it to work about 140 ft in almost the open just with a fence in between. When I held still it played the music just fine. At 95 ft there was no interruption in the music even when moving around. One of my favorite features is when you take off the headphones your music or video pauses then when you put them back on it starts playing again. That also works most of the time when you just pull the right one off your ear and set it on your head. I am also impressed and like that they charge using USB-C. They also came with a USB-C to 3 mm audio jack for music in which works great even when the headphones are turned off or dead the headphones can still be used with the cord. I have used them now for about 5-7 days and have maybe charged them once so I am really liking the long battery life. They are my new around the house headphones for audio books, music, and watching anything on my phone. Another awesome thing they have is noise cancelling which is a first for me. I tested that feature out using a nail gun and it definitely brings the volume down while nailing. Also when I flipped it on for the nail gun the neighbor was mowing his lawn and I thought he stopped right as I turned on the noise cancelling but it was just because of how much of the sound it blocked out. Overall I really do like these headphones and am really happy with the purchase and am enjoying the new headphones.


  4. Bluedio T7 Plus

    + Great battery life

    + Good range with Bluetooth 5.0

    + Face recognition work very well

    + Easy to operate and control

    + Build quality is satisfied quite solid build not so heavy but You can feel they are on head

    – They`re not so loud (for me too quiet)

    – Not so comfortable earmuffs, they are not round but more like rectangle and not so much place between Your ears

    – Sometimes ears can sweat with these kind of earmuffs material

    – ANC useless nothing change when its on, I`m not gonna use it at all

    – Built in microphone is bad quality, for phone calls useless

    – App for Bluedio is useless

    These are quite well wireless headphones with some cons but good price.

    Bluedio T7 Plus

  5. Bluedio T7 Smart BT Headphones

    Overall quality is good especially for this price.

    Product came in nice branded black carton box. Inside there were blistered headphones and small carton with two USB type C cables, one tangle prevention flat cable for charging (very nice) and one for wired connection to audio 3.5 mm jack. Also there’s an instruction leaflet and storage sack. Cups a sitting well on my head, arc can be adjusted from both sides. all the controls are on the right cap, there are 3 buttons and USB jack. Cups can be turned 90 degrees to flatten the headphones, but they are still kind of bulky.

    Sound is good, Active noise cancelling is actually a background white noise. Application that can be installed on the phone is lousy and glitchy. Paired with my phone without any problems, but they goes with power off after some time without any visible reason, this is annoying and I still need to understand how to resolve it.

    Bluedio T7 Smart BT Headphones