Auriculares Bluetooth Mejor Condición de Sueño Bluetooth Inalámbrico de Cinta Superior Elástica de Música

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Bluetooth versión 5.0:
Distancia de transmisión Bluetooth: 10m
Tiempo de reproducción de música: Sonido más largo 7h, volumen medio 10 horas
Distancia del micrófono: 1M
Tiempo de espera Bluetooth: 72h
Capacidad de batería: 150 mAh
Potencia de la batería: 0.55W
Trompeta impedancia: 32 ohmios
Potencia del altavoz: 0.02W
Rango de frecuencia: 2,4-2,4835 GHz
Sensibilidad: 45 dB
Potencia de transmisión: 6 dB
Distorsión de salida de audio: 0.6%
SNR salida de audio: 93 dB
Tiempo de carga: 1-2 horas
Voltaje máximo de entrada: 5V DC
Corriente de entrada máxima: 150 mA
Potencia de entrada máxima: 0.55W




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  1. Ec

    I love these headphones! I bought a pair of this softer, thicker headphones for sleeping, and I also bought these for exercise and they are PERFECT. They’re a really breathable fabric, lined with mesh so they wick sweat, and they’re perfect for going for a run or long walk in hotter weather. I sweat easily, so I love the two-in-one factor of headband + headphones.


  2. Ringoooo

    The head band with earphone is surprisingly light, soft and breathable.


  3. Andrew

    Setup was very simple, it paired on the first try and worked immediately.


  4. Jay B

    I can’t sleep or go for a walk without my music or podcasts. Earbuds often pop out and my big over your headphones are great for travel and indoor but these are just so versatile. The ear pieces within can be moved around a bit so semi customizable & bonus it’s made to be exercised in … Sweat won’t ruin these babies!

    Jay B

  5. redryder

    Works as expected and has saved my sleep! The people who live above me thump around all night and I can’t sleep through it. Earplugs and running a fan also isn’t enough to drown it out, but this is! I downloaded a calming music app and play it when I go to bed, and I can finally get a good nights sleep!