ASLING 88 Reloj Inteligente Bluetooth Deportivo Monitor de Ritmo Cardíaco de Presión Arterial Rastreador de Ejercicios

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Principales Características:
● Función de monitoreo del sueño que monitores automáticamente sus noches, conecte al aplicación para ver datos profundo, como dormir de luz, despertar, etc., te permite desarrollar un hábito científico.
● Nuevo método de monitoreo de presión arterial, siempre presten atención al índice de salud, 30 segundos de tiempo de medición, puede mostrar directamente en el reloj muestran los datos de presión arterial, mantenga un ojo en el estado de la presión arterial del cuerpo.
● Calculadora de pasos y distancia, y carga de datos en el teléfono móvil móvil para ayudar a ajustar la cantidad de ejercicio y administrar el proceso de movimiento. sensores profesionales que filtran datos no deseados, calculadora con precisión el número de movimientos de saltos.
● Con el rendimiento impermeable IP67, se puede usar para lavar la mano y la natación. una variedad de modos deportivas para reseald el tiempo y trayectoria de cada movimiento.
● A través del sensor de ritmo cardíaco profesional, analizar sus datos de ritmo cardíaco y calculadora, recordatorio de datos de salud y darte datos de salud.

● Frecuencia de corazón, presión arterial, podómetro, recordatorio de llamada, recordatorio de información, estadounidense, calorías, monitoreo del sueño, cámara de control remoto, despertador, wechat, toque único, etc.
● Modo multi-deporte ( contar paso, abdominales, saltos )
● Paso a paso deportivo ( sensor incorporada en el brazalete, calculadora inteligente del número de pasos y distancia, sincronización en tiempo real para el teléfono móvil móvil )
● Monitor de ritmo cardíaco ( sensor de ritmo cardíaco profesional incorporada )
● Monitoreo de presión arterial
● Monitoreo de sueño
● Recordatorio sedentario
● Batería: Bluetooth 4.0 de alta capacidad y baja potencia, 15 días de espera

APP / APK método de descarga “Android y ios sincronización: Brilla
Recordatorio: ( sistema ios en app store, teléfono móvil móvil Android en 360 ayuda de móviles y otros principales la aplicación almacena el brillo APK ajuste para la descarga e instalar ), el código QR escanear e instalar spyoho




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  1. Allen Peg

    I wanted a smart watch for fitness tracking and to easily keep up with the time, calls, and messages without digging for my phone. I purchased one that was a bit cheaper. It was ok, but small and wasn’t accurate. I didnt think this would be any better, but I took a chance on it. It was easy to set up and pair with my iPhone. The instructions are so easy to understand, but you can figure this out by just playing around with it. It came fully charged, so once I snapped it on to the battery it was ready to go. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

    Allen Peg

  2. Harry Lawrence

    Love this watch! Works great with my Phone, it was super easy to set up. I love that you can receive text and call alerts, that way I don’t have to continuously look at my phone to for notifications. You can even decline calls right from the watch! I wasn’t really in the market for a smart watch, but when I saw this one priced very similarly to regular watches I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! I also love that it tracks steps, heart rate, etc. So much easier than having to rely on your phone to do that! I don’t regret this purchase at all!

    Harry Lawrence

  3. Giles Hodge

    I purchased this smartwatch for my 16 year old son, since he needed a watch. When looking online I found many watches that were just watches and didn’t have any features outside of keeping time, but were priced comparably. If you put this against any other smartwatch the performance is there for a fraction of the cost. It is easy to install and very intuitive (even for an impatient teenager to work with). Needless to say I’m quickly becoming a fan of this company and if you buy one of their products you will too!

    Giles Hodge

  4. Tess Jordan

    Bought this for my 10 year old son. Had purchased him a similar smartwatch for Xmas and it was a complete dud. I was nervous we would get the same thing again but was happily mistaken. This watch does nearly everything. It’s a great fitness watch and a smartwatch. Had I know you could get such value for the price I wouldn’t haven’t invested in the Apple Watch. My son however loves them all and that’s what matters. 5 stars for sure!

    Tess Jordan

  5. Miriam Bertram

    This is a Smart Watch that works very well with the IPHONE app that goes along with it. It is very easy to understand. It tracks my steps, calories burned, workouts, and also can be paired with my phone. It also can control the music on my iphone and it also regulates my heart rate and send all the info to the app that I can view later and share with my loved ones if I choose.I would recommend this watch as an alternative to the Apple Iphone if you are looking to save money and have a smaller budget to work with. A++

    Miriam Bertram