Alfawise I7E ECG AI Pulsera Inteligente de Análisis Inteligente

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El reloj inteligente ECG de monitor de táctil es un rastreador de estado físico del arte que ofrece el último chip nordic 52840, una pantalla táctil a todo color y un estuche metálico para la mejor calidad. cinco indicadores de salud están incluidos: ECG

Principales Características:
● Pantalla a todo color TFT, 100 por ciento más atractivo. nueva visualización en color de TFT de 0,96 pulgadas, con colores vivos, alta resolución
● Medición activa ECG, HRV, análisis de fatiga: La tecnología de resistencia a bio para detectar los cambios de ECG, teatros de carrera fibras, fatiga; en combinación con análisis de fondo AI para su salud física y mental
● Monitoreo en tiempo real de ritmo cardíaco: La muñeca más del sensor de ritmo cardíaco de alta precisión en la industria, filtrado automático de ritmo cardíaco, detección continua de 24 horas, enfoque en tiempo real en el cardiac carga
● El detector de presión arterial y registra los datos a la presión arterial en cualquier momento y ahorra datos a presión histórica
● Podómetro en tiempo real con sensores profesionales de alta precisión para grabar pasos, distancia y calorías quemadas a tiempo real, para ayudarlo a lograr una mejor fitness
● Muy sensible y ahorro de energía con el último chip nrf520 para un rendimiento más estable, detección más precisa, menor consumo de energía
● Carga directa USB: No se necesita cargador adicional, enchufe y carga en cualquier momento, plus, el cuerpo y la pulsera se puede conectar perfectamente
● Sensor inteligente de luz: Detección automática de luz ambiental, para mantener toda la información claramente visible en fuerte luz y protege tus ojos en la oscuridad
● Una variedad de diales se pueden cambiar, tacto de pantalla completa, soporte 12 modos múltiples, nivel impermeable IP68
● La última tecnología Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, menor consumo de energía, batería vida de más de 15 días

● Seguimiento de salud: ECG
● 12 modos de deportes: Caminar, ciclismo, correr, escalar y una variedad de deportes de pelota
● Otros funciones: Llamada / mensaje, comprobación, mensajes, envía pantalla de identificación, cámara remota, alarma, luz de fondo, Bluetooth, impermeable




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  1. Pamela Bowman

    This Alfawise Full Touch ECG Monitor Smart Watch has exceeded my expectations exponentially. It tracks lots of my healthy data like ECG, atrial fibrillation, blood pressure, fatigue index, and also notifies me of any text messages and phone calls that I receive. What I love most about this tracker is I don’t have to select the modes, it can automatically detect from several sports modes, very convenient. The battery life is super decent and it can easily charge by any USB ports, just remove the wristband and I can plug the host in USB interfaces. This watch is also waterproof, I have worn it while my cold bath, as well as washing dishes and it’s still operational. This is an awesome budget watch and if you are looking for a quality smart watch then I highly recommend it.

    Pamela Bowman

  2. Harriet Thoreau

    The Alfawise smart watch is great for working out. As someone who constantly walks around for work like me, it’s great to have something that helps me count my steps and checks my heart rate. This watch includes 12 different sports modes and it can automatically detect what you are doing now. Not only is it great for fitness and health, but it’s also very highly sensitive and energy-saving, by using the latest NRF52840 chip, the watch has more stable performance, more precise detection, and lower power consumption. The last thing I can say about this watch is it’s designed well with its stylish look. It also gets notifications when you get any call, text or social network message.

    Harriet Thoreau

  3. Sam

    I am extremely satisfied with this watch. In my opinion, it is better than some Fitbits. 1. It is so accurate in counting our steps, calories burnt, and time exercised. I admit I was slightly worried about this part.

    2. The commercial says it is waterproof, but i highly doubted that it would actually be waterproof, as only the best Fitbits are. However, I accidentally took it with me to a bubble bath, and it stayed underwater for about an hour, and it was perfectly fine.

    3. It has so many different modes, even more than my friends legit Fitbit. It has walk mode, run mode, bike mode, soccer mode, tennis mode, dance mode, etc.

    4. It is so comfortable. You also dont need a cable to charge it. These are only a fewreasons i love it.I highly recommend that you get this tracker.


  4. Teo

    After trying more than 20 smart bands the last 4 years (lately I have tried xiaomi mi band 4) I can tell for sure that this is the one of the best quality smart bands I have ever tried. It gives accurate and many useful information about my condition. The android app could be much better but it not bad at all. I am using it everyday even doing home fixes and I can tell that this smart band is very durable, after more than 50 times I have collided it to walls or other objects nearly nothing seems to mark it permanently. I even used it during my summer baths and everything work perfectly. I would like to have a blood oxygen reading, and to be able to automatically take my blood pressure lets say every hour. I see this company has also other smart devices, I will prefer them for sure!


  5. User

    The device seems ok and even the pulse rate seems close to accurate most of the time. Especially for the price of the device. Much better than previous device I tried. But it has a major flaw to sync data with phone. This is already second time, the phone does not get data from last workout. First time it worked after cleaning all app data in Android options, but this time that does not help. I can not get last workout data from the device. And the app is incredible slow to do simple tasks like showing pulse rate graph. How can such a simple graph take 10 seconds to display on a decent phone? Either app programmer has no knowledge in programming or that is an marketing way to show that “this app is so good it needs to process a lot of info”. Also sometimes the device did not record data like sleep data or pulse rate during night.